Publication Ethics of Journal of Smart Water Conservancy

1.The editors should ensure the quality of the articles published in JSWC  and maintain the integrity of their academic record.

2.The Editorial Board ensures that the peer-review process of JSWC is confidential and impartial.

3.The authors should be responsible for the originality and integrity of the articles they submit to JSWC. The research material should conform to international ethical guidelines.

4.A Copyright Transfer Agreement should be signed by both the authors and the journal, in order to protect their rights and ensure that all legal information and copyright regulations are addressed.

5.Misconducts including fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism concerning unethical publishing behavior are unacceptable. JSWC reserves the right to report the incident to the sponsoring or funding institution or other appropriate authority for investigation.

6.Published papers that raise concerns about possible misconduct would be retracted. JSWC would deal with these papers following the guidelines of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).