Aiming to serve the information construction of water Conservancy industry and focusing on the main task of Intelligent Water Conservancy Construction, Journal of Smart Water Conservancy publishes the current situation of information construction and the development trend of information technology on world to push forward the application of information technology in the water sector, promote the rapid upgrading of the level of water modernization, promote intellectual water theory research and academic exchanges.


1.Applications of digital twinning technology in water-related fields such as hydrological forecasting, water resources management, hydraulic engineering design and Operation Management, and integrated water management;

2.Applications of artificial intelligence technology in water-related fields such as Environmental monitoring, hydrology and water resources management, and flood and drought disaster prevention;

3.Application of advanced technologies such as Internet of things, Big Data, cloud computing and mobile interconnect in water-related fields such as water security, water ecology management and protection.

4.Application of other frontier or innovative technologies in water-related fields.